Next Level

I’m very excited to be the advanced developer on this National project.  Building inside WordPress we created a key member Profile system to display all the talent available through the firm.

We’ve gone through a few iterations of the system and now have a more complete solution using AJAX, Searching the database, Custom Post Types, and a great layout by mLoreno.



Mountain Multimedia provided PHP, Javascript, and CSS expertise on this project.  As part of a much larger team on this one, we did not serve as the graphic designer, marketing, or other roles; we specialized in the execution of high-level PHP development to facilitate various Contact Forms, dynamic content, connection to various marketing programs, and many other duties.

I’d like to take this time to thank the other members of the team that partnered with me to help the client meet their goals:

Loren O’Laughlin  of – High-end Graphic Design

Peter Wilson of BizMktg – Online Marketing Specialist

and of course the team at Think Local Dentist / Local Dentist that worked with us on the project… Aaron and Ralph.

Check it out at ThinkLocalDentist



Concrete5 Problems on Windows 8

Handy News: I recently did a training for Concrete5 and editing images and various other things in the editor were not working.  It turns out that Internet Explorer on Windows 8 does not like the editor for Concrete5 very well.  Big shock (sarc’ mark)!

The trouble was with resizing images using the resize handles and using the image properties function.  Both did not work very well or at all with Windows 8’s default Internet Explorer on a brand new machine.

The training was able to continue luckily because Google Chrome was also installed on the machine.  So, I would like to point out: Chrome on Windows 8 with Concrete5 does work just fine!  Just not the Internet Explorer.  Way to go IE, another victory (not) :(

Now back to working on more WordPress Sites, as I have been doing more with WordPress lately.


Do you have interesting Info that corresponds to pictures and want to format it in the style above or similar?

Mountain MultiMedia can build custom presentational data blocks that fit any content structure and present it in the “oh so stylish” grid format or circles or pretty much anything you could need. Also, there can be multiple Content Editor sections so you can get the formatting set up once, we style it how you want, and then you don’t have to worry about any HTML code to get it to look how you want.

Custom development at affordable rates!

To JQuery or not?

Recently I was building a mobile site where I was being very critical of load time. Everything was evaluated for the sake of fast load time.  I only needed a few specific things from the Javascript so I thought hard about whether to use JQuery or not.  The library is only 32KB but that was a lot considering some of the other fine tuning I did to the site. (Plus, the mobile framework adds a lot to this)  I determined it was best to not use it and wrote my own custom code to deal with the needed functions.

It worked great and made for a super fast load time.  My advice is to not rely on JQuery too heavily and really determine if you can do it with just plain Javascript first.  The less HTTP requests the better.


Concrete5 – Using Gallery

How to add Photo Galleries to Concrete5 (Updated with ScreenShots)

First install Simple Image Gallery (a free plugin for Concrete5)

Next, you organize your photos per Gallery into a FILE SET…
Making FILE SET: Go to Dashboard >> FILES >> FILE SETS

  • Click ADD FILE SET, name it something meaningful.  If you are going to organize your Galleries into many separate categories, make a different File Set for each Gallery!
  • Then go back to Dashboard, go to File Manager, click UPLOAD MULTIPLE
  • Add Files from your computer, remember to get the whole bunch for the gallery (hold shift to select multiple files in a range or Control to select multiples one by one)
  • This will just put the files in the Queue to upload, remember to hit START UPLOADS (at Bottom of Popup screen)
  • Now, VERY IMPORTANT!!! The window that shows completed has 3 tabs… go to the SETS tab and select the FILE SET you just created. Then click UPDATE

Hit Return to Main Website button

Then, Add a new page to hold the gallery (if not done prior):

  • If the page is to be a top level page on the main site menu:
  • go to the Home Page, click Edit and ADD A SUBPAGE.  If you want the page to be a Sub-Page and show up on the drop down menu under a Top Level page, first go to edit that top level page then ADD A SUBPAGE.

Choose a design for the page that works well with Galleries… I think one with no sidebars is best… more room for photos.  Also, if a default header image comes up that makes no sense, just click on that block and DELETE

Add a Block to the Main Content Area
Concrete5 screenshot emphasizing where ADD TO MAIN is
For a title add a Content Area and simply add some text describing the Gallery.
concrete5-add-block concrete5-add-content-block
Then Add 1 more block to main: Simple Image Gallery…
concrete5-add-simple-image-gallery-block  – Set it up how you like and choose a FILE SET.simple-gallery-choose-fileset  Click ADD button.

Make sure to save the page and you are done (up at top “Editing” mouse over and click PUBLISH MY EDITS)

Sounds like a lot, but it becomes quite easy after doing it a few times.

Blue Stilly Coffee e-Commerce site

Blue Stilly Coffee is an e-Commerce site I designed about 3 years ago.

Blue Stilly Coffee e-Commerce siteAn interesting design/development here was I made them a “faux 3D” slideshow for their home page that looks 3D but used no 3D libraries or resources.  This was done to save on load time significantly.  It only took up about 14KB, which makes a nice quick load time

Aside from that its a nice robust e-Commerce system that keeps things running smooth for them.

Garden Gear eCommerce Site

Edmonds best Garden Boutique and Yard Tools. Specialty hand tools and garden decor with a clean, snappy Shopping Cart system.  This is an Online Store that really gives some fresh features.

gardengearIt has a fun shopping cart that fills up with items as you shop.  Lots of great garden tools, decor, and supplies.

My design for them started about 4 years ago and continues with some occasional updates for them.

See the full site at GardenGear

Arista Wine Cellars

Smooth, classy design incorporating many elements of wine enjoyment into the web design. Flash animation, jQuery Slideshows.

aristaAfter initial setup of the site about 5 years ago we  upgraded the site to utilize a Content Management System.  That was about 2 years ago.

They do a great job of keeping their site vibrant with news, updates about wine industry happenings, and events.

See the full site at:


Edmonds Sports Academy – WordPress and e-Commerce Site

Check out Edmonds Sports Academy, a site I designed and developed many functional business tools for.

bg-tigerThey utilize WordPress combined with e-Commerce, and we’ve also utilized many other scheduling systems and team management programs.

Custom PHP Coding was required on multiple occasions.

Graphic Design for the core website and seasonal promo needs.