Photo Paint Tutorials

Here’s how to use PHOTO Paint to its fullest…

The first thing to remember is that its designed to be simple from the get go.  As you get the hang of the basics you can move on to some of the more powerful but more complicated features.

iPhone version, Android version slightly different

The first thing to try on the main camera screen is just TAP the camera viewing area.  You should get an oval or circle where you tap.  Keep tappping to continue building up the “art”.

A very nice feature of the app is the ability to UNDO (some apps don’t have this).  On iPhone just tap the onscreen UNDO button.  On Android just tap the back button on your built-in buttons (don’t hit the HOME button)

The on-screen menu button on both versions takes you into the rest of the functionality for the app, allowing you to change how the app works.  The Android version also lets you use your built-in Menu Button on your phone to go to the menu (or use the on-screen one).