Concrete5 Seattle Custom Web Design

Seattle, have you heard about Concrete5?

Concrete5 is a relatively new Content Management System (CMS) that focuses more on creating an easier to use environment for non-tech savvy users.  Even in Seattle, many tech-aware people have trouble with keeping up on their web systems.   Concrete5 makes it easier to edit by first having a REAL What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get environment (WYSIWYG).  Many CMS’s have been saying for years that they have WYSIWYG, but what they mean is they have an editor for 1 main area that allows you to edit text, add pictures, and doesn’t require coding like HTML to make simple pages.   (Examples are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)  But that’s not a true WYSIWYG! It’s only allowing you to edit the CONTENT area, and if you want to edit Sidebars or Header Graphics you have to go into a separate part of the system to do it (often with much more complicated methods of editing).

Concrete5 allows you to edit any visual area of the website easily by clicking into that area.  You can also drag one area to another area, like a sidebar area can become a “Main Page Content Area” if you like.  Different kinds of content can be added in the form of “Blocks”.  New types of blocks can be downloaded if you need more functionality or if you need something that you can’t find, a developer can make it for you (easier development than for other CMS’s)

Example of Edit Mode in Concrete5 Site

In edit mode “Blocks” are easy to see and work with

“That sounds great, why didn’t they make this a long time ago?”

There have been some proprietary systems that have done this in the past but they were usually tied into some paid web service to get it.  Concrete5 is the first one to do it well and is Open-Source, so there is no cost to purchase it and is open for developers to take it further.  It also can run on many popular web hosting platforms.

Mountain MultiMedia provides custom designs for getting you started with Concrete5 in the Seattle area.  Get your company branding to work beautifully with this platform and get ready to be more productive!  Concrete5 also makes having a mobile-friendly website a lot easier than any other CMS.  Many features that you have to download and set up as extras in other systems are already built-in to Concrete5, like slideshows! (Many more)

Here are some sample sites done by Mountain Multimedia:

One great and affordable option offered is:  Say you like the design of your current web site but HATE how difficult it is to edit.  Have Mountain MultiMedia convert your site to a Concrete5 site.  Keep all your style, none of the headaches.

If you are interested but not sure if you’d like Concrete5, contact us to try a free demo of the system.  It’s always good to make sure you are going to be happy before moving to a new system.  We like happy clients!

For new projects and those who have never had a website before, it’s good to set up a meeting to educate on the process and make sure you have the right content ready to proceed.

Concrete5 presents a great new solution for managing a website.  It makes it much easier to edit pages and layouts without technical knowledge, and it is an efficient platform for designing websites.  Contact Mountain Multimedia to learn more.