Concrete5 Problems on Windows 8

Handy News: I recently did a training for Concrete5 and editing images and various other things in the editor were not working.  It turns out that Internet Explorer on Windows 8 does not like the editor for Concrete5 very well.  Big shock (sarc’ mark)!

The trouble was with resizing images using the resize handles and using the image properties function.  Both did not work very well or at all with Windows 8’s default Internet Explorer on a brand new machine.

The training was able to continue luckily because Google Chrome was also installed on the machine.  So, I would like to point out: Chrome on Windows 8 with Concrete5 does work just fine!  Just not the Internet Explorer.  Way to go IE, another victory (not) :(

Now back to working on more WordPress Sites, as I have been doing more with WordPress lately.