Concrete5 – Using Gallery

How to add Photo Galleries to Concrete5 (Updated with ScreenShots)

First install Simple Image Gallery (a free plugin for Concrete5)

Next, you organize your photos per Gallery into a FILE SET…
Making FILE SET: Go to Dashboard >> FILES >> FILE SETS

  • Click ADD FILE SET, name it something meaningful.  If you are going to organize your Galleries into many separate categories, make a different File Set for each Gallery!
  • Then go back to Dashboard, go to File Manager, click UPLOAD MULTIPLE
  • Add Files from your computer, remember to get the whole bunch for the gallery (hold shift to select multiple files in a range or Control to select multiples one by one)
  • This will just put the files in the Queue to upload, remember to hit START UPLOADS (at Bottom of Popup screen)
  • Now, VERY IMPORTANT!!! The window that shows completed has 3 tabs… go to the SETS tab and select the FILE SET you just created. Then click UPDATE

Hit Return to Main Website button

Then, Add a new page to hold the gallery (if not done prior):

  • If the page is to be a top level page on the main site menu:
  • go to the Home Page, click Edit and ADD A SUBPAGE.  If you want the page to be a Sub-Page and show up on the drop down menu under a Top Level page, first go to edit that top level page then ADD A SUBPAGE.

Choose a design for the page that works well with Galleries… I think one with no sidebars is best… more room for photos.  Also, if a default header image comes up that makes no sense, just click on that block and DELETE

Add a Block to the Main Content Area
Concrete5 screenshot emphasizing where ADD TO MAIN is
For a title add a Content Area and simply add some text describing the Gallery.
concrete5-add-block concrete5-add-content-block
Then Add 1 more block to main: Simple Image Gallery…
concrete5-add-simple-image-gallery-block  – Set it up how you like and choose a FILE SET.simple-gallery-choose-fileset  Click ADD button.

Make sure to save the page and you are done (up at top “Editing” mouse over and click PUBLISH MY EDITS)

Sounds like a lot, but it becomes quite easy after doing it a few times.