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Responsive Web Design answers the problem of web sites needing to adapt to many sizes of screens. It also provides an arguably better method for creating Mobile Websites than mobile-only sites (sometimes called "Adaptive") because it eliminates the need to maintain separate mobile and PC websites. Mountain MultiMedia focuses primarily on working with companies in the Seattle-Metro area to provide Mobile-friendly Web Design

POWER Code for Super Mobile Sites! This whole web design uses almost NO image files, instead building all of the User Interface from standards friendly CSS Code. All the icons you see are not graphics files, but 1 single lightweight FONT file made using ICOMOON. The logo is designed from scratch using all CSS code. I could have used JQuery to make it easier to code some of the functions, but avoided it, using plain Javascript to avoid loading in an extra Library. Why? To make this site super efficient for the fastest load time possible on mobile devices or otherwise. Also, major Search Engines evaluate your load time when determining search ranking. The faster the better! Utilize my expertise to make your website the best it can be.

Web design is constantly evolving, today leaning towards lightweight footprint and minimalism. You would think all the major companies and even big local ones would have mobile friendly sites by now, but that is clearly not the case. (!Just call me, I can help!) In 2014, around 20% of internet use is from mobile devices including tablets, smart phones, and other mobile networked devices like e-readers and game consoles.

With the increasing prevalence of mobile web access, website designs need to be flexible and able to handle the vast array of screen sizes and device capabilities. Responsive Web Design reshapes websites to fit comfortably into any browser, whether it’s as large as an HDTV, or as small as the screen on an older feature phone (non-smart phone).

As the browser window is resized, conventional static web pages don’t change to accommodate new screen dimensions. What happens to a Fixed-Width website on a phone is the whole design is squished onto the screen, which may look ok, but the text will be unreadable without zooming in and out (what a pain for your clients!). Responsive web design is the solution to the galaxy of new devices with innumerably diverse resolutions, unexpected browsers, and unpredictable compliance. In Responsive Web Design, large horizontal layouts that take advantage of desktop resolutions are often adapted to two columns for tablets, and one column for smart phones and smaller screens. (Other creative possibilities are possible as well if you are looking for something a little different.) This allows for a simple server setup by only requiring one website, with one set of web pages that will look good on the plethora of devices scattered across the expanse of the internet. The older alternative to this is to have a separate Mobile Site and Desktop Site - requiring the management of two back-end systems.

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